Hey, what’s up? It’s Mike from Merch monster.

Today we’re going to talk about boxes, how you pick a box and prepare it for shipping or pickup. So when selecting your box, you want use to select the right size box for your job, which means you know if you’re shipping out hoodies, it’s 24 hoodies in a hoodie size box. If you’re shipping out t-shirts it’s 72 tee shirts in a box.

You want to make sure that you use a box that is the correct size so you don’t want a bunch of extra space in your box. And the reason for that is UPS, FedEx, all those guys, they charge by what’s called dimensional weight in addition to the actual weight dimensional weight is how much space does that box take in the truck, right? Like if a box is like this or box is like this, they’re going to charge you differently because they can only fit so many boxes in that truck.

So if your box is too big, it costs more money, right? So you want to use the smallest size box possible. The other thing is you want to use the least number of boxes possible. They also charge you more. Even if the boxes add up to be the same size, they’re going to charge you more for having more cartons. I think it’s just that they end up having to handle more packages so they charge more. So you want to use the least number of cartons possible as well?

We’re going to take a box out of our little box area. This is a ups box. The two things you can see here is it has a ups label on already and it also has one of these routing labels. You need to make sure that you clean off the box and remove all the excess labels before you start taping. That’ll just prevent issues where the box gets returned to us. If we actually leave this on here UPS may return it back to us because that’s how they figured out which truck they put the boxes on. You can do it one of two ways, right? It’s super simple. You can either block it out with a Sharpie or you can cut it off with a razor. We’re going to cut the label off this box or you can also just take a Sharpie and block.

Either way works right. You want to take your box. Taping boxes is pretty straight forward. For those of you at home who don’t work here and make sure you get a three inch tape gun. Three inch tape guys are way better than two inch tape gun. Two inch tape gun won’t do the job.

So you want to fold your box in. We’re going to assemble the box real quick. Three inch tape gun you only need one piece of tape in the middle. Boom. Right? If it’s a heavy box, you want to make sure that it’s not going to punk out in shipping tape the centers like this. That’ll help it keep it sealed.

If you’re using a tee shirt size box, you need to get 72 shirts in there. That’s six dozen, right? So you should get six stacks of shirts in here. If you have five stacks of shirts, there’s something wrong. You folded them funny. Make sure that you can get six in there. So if you alternate them in different directions, they also go in easier.

And one too. Six. So six, six stacks of shirts should fit perfectly in this box and close up. So the last thing is make sure that this looks presentable. Make sure it looks like the way you would want to receive it, right? Make sure it looks good because that’s how people judge you is based on when I opened this box, does it look good to me? You know, it should be nice and clean. Folded nicely. Again, if we’re shipping it, we’re just gonna make sure that we give it an extra bit of love. Cool.

Once your box is prepped for shipping, you want to leave it in the shipping area for the shipping person to pick up and ship it out.

If the order is set customer pickups, you don’t need to clean it off the labels and you don’t need to tape it as securely. So for example, we’re still going to pick the right size box, like a T shirt size box, but we don’t have to worry about this label because this is the customer pickup one. We’re going to this same thing where we taped the box. We’re going to just tape a box one time again, right?

It’s ready to go. One thing I would do is remove this customer label just so that nobody downstream is confused about who the pickup is for. That’s it.

You can put the garments in the box. You don’t need to tape the top of the box or customer pickups. You can just pull them over like this. Fold them in neatly. The reason for that is when the customer comes to pick it up, like 90% of the time they’re gonna open up the box anyways and want to look at their garments. So you know, taping it, they’re just got untape it. So we leave them folded so they can open them easily and check it out. For customer pickups, bring your box over to the pickup rack. They’re sort by first letter, first name. So put the box down there and then we’ll know where to get it when they come and grab it.


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