So I just got a package today from my friends over at Hanes next day air. Super exciting. And if you didn’t know Hanes is coming out with a brand new mask that’s at a really great price point. So we’re going to open this up and see what they sent me. Hopefully it’s good.


This is really, really awesome quality. I like this mask. Nice and the material is good. It’s a good mask.

It says three-ply cotton construction, cool. Comfort, moisture wicking fabric, no branding. This one has a nose piece, so they have two coming out. They have one that’s FDA approved, that doesn’t have a nose piece. And then the ones that are coming a little bit later around the 18th of May do have a nose piece. I really like this mask they are putting out it’s good quality, nice and soft, thick. The construction is really solid and it’s made by a reputable manufacturer. There’s nothing to not like about it. The construction of this mask is great. The weave is really tight. As you can see, there’s not a lot of light coming through and you can print it, like you can lay this flat and applied a print it. If you have challenge sourcing these or you can’t find them from your distributor, definitely get in touch with me. We have them available now!


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