At Merch Monster we use a series of tests to evaluate a prospective employee’s independence, responsibility, and self motivation. We save time and money by weeding out bad candidates fast!

1. Don’t call your candidate on the initial phone screen, have them call you at the scheduled time. Call or email and setup an appointment and make it explicitly clear that they must call you at the scheduled time, and you do not reschedule no-shows. Send the candidate an email and calendar invite with the dial in number and the date and time information.

2. Ask your candidates questions that test their ability to work autonomously without supervision, and demonstrated ability to make decisions independently. Links to example interview questions:……

3. Give the candidate an actual working test that is the same as the work they will perform for you. If they’re a writer, give them a prompt and have them write something. If they’re a sorter, have them sort some things. If they’re a coder, have them code something.

You will find out a lot about their actual outputs. working style and whether their actions back up their words.

Let the candidate lead the project and watch closely how they work with you or other assigned team members. Then decide – do you want to work with this person?


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